Ophidian 2350 CCG Psi/Mystic Starter Deck

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Do you dream of conquest and combat? Do you hear thousands of voices chanting your name when no one is around? Does the sound of crunching skulls calm your nerves? If so, prepare to enter the world of Ophidian 2350.

In the Ophidian Arenas, anything goes. Gladiators will come at you with fierce allies and giant worms. Attack with armies of the Nth dimension, creatures that exist only in your mind, and heartless robots. They will scorch the sky just to blind you, turn your own friends against you. They will move so fast that their bodies will blur as they encircle you and close in for the win. They will cheat, and bend the rules in their favor. What will you do? Join the Ophidian games and experience the nest-generation of CCG's. Through the Flow, a new level of dynamic game play will change your perception of what a CCG can be. Will you have what it takes to survive?


Four femme fatales of Ophidian have banded together to wreak havoc on their competition. Will their varying personalties clash or will they find the strength they need to survive. Lead Lillith, Ryla, and Taa Ra to victory by confusing and disabling your opponents in this Mystic and Psy deck.

Starter Includes:
-One 40 card fixed deck
-20 Random cards including 7 uncommon and 3 rares
-2 Counter cards