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Nyctophobia means fear of the dark.
Designer Catherine Stippell
Year 2018
Number of Players 3-5 Players
Time 30-45 Minutes
Ages 9+
Mechanics Memory, Team-Based Game, Variable Player Powers
Theme Horror

Welcome to the experiential table top game that is going to redefine what it means to play a game. Nyctophobia is a cooperative game of survival where up to four players must work together to escape a maniacal predator chasing them in a pitch-black forest. But there's a wrinkle: would-be survivors play the game with blackout glasses. Players cannot see the board and have to rely on touch to navigate their way to safety. So, are you afraid of the dark?

Nyctophobia is a cooperative tactile maze game for 3 to 5 players. All but one of the players play the game blindfolded, completely unable to see the board. The blinded players make up the Hunted team. They are tasked with finding the car space on the board and surviving until the police arrive to rescue them. The sighted player is the Hunter, who is tasked with chasing down the Hunted and reducing one of the Hunted to zero health before the police arrive.

1 Board (8x8 holes)
4 Black-out Glasses
4 Player Pieces
1 Hunter Piece
~40 Removable Trees
7 Rock Tokens
1 Hunter Wound Token
10 Health Tokens
1 Noise token
1 car Token
6 Character Cards
4 Character Piece Reference Cards
12 Mage Action Cards
12 Axe Murderer Action Cards