Nitro Glyxerol

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Designer Luca Borsa
Year 2015
Number of Players 2-4
Time 20 Minutes
Ages 7+
Mechanics Press Your Luck
Theme Action/Dexterity

Nitro Glyxerol is an action game that rewards clever timing over raw dexterity.

Ready your Myxxers! You will use them to make the perfect Glyxx! It makes old people young, wallflowers into stunning beauties and turns dust into gold! There is just one catch; it must be freshly mixed, and you must be quick! Follow the formula as best as you can, the closer you are the better it is, so get mixing!

Each player has a laboratory flask (a 3D labyrinth) full of colorful ingredients (colored cubes). Simultaneously, the players start shaking their flasks in order to navigate the ingredients into the flask's spout in the right order. Each player has to decide though when to stop as smaller ingredient chains can be used to pick up victory point cards before the opponents with longer chains may do so.

This press your luck game uses action and dexterity as you play! Great family fun!