Monty Python & the Holy Grail TCG Starter Deck

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Join all of your favourite characters of Pythurian legend as they fulfill their quest to seek out the Holy Grail. King Arthur, Sir Lancelot the brave, and Sir Robin the not as brave as sir Lancelot, are featured along with the rest of the outrageous cavalcade, together with classic quotes from just about the biggest comedy of all time. Play acting, song and general silliness are woven into Arthur's hilarious quest for the Holy Grail. All done in the quality you've come to expect from Kenzer & Company.

Reviews from our beta testers...
"I traded my ring for two boosters" - B. Baggins
"I laughed so hard my sides hurt" - M. Spock
"Even the Dark Side pales compared to this card game" - D. Vader
"I'd trade a Black Lotus and two Moxes just for a chance to play" - name and address witheld

Each starter pack comes with a pre-constructed 60 card deck.

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