Monopoly: Advance to Boardwalk

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Everyone wants to get in on the ground floor and build their way to the top! how about you? will you make a million dollar splash in waterfront property, or watch your fortunes sink? introduced in 1985, advance to boardwalk was the first spin-off of the worlds most popular real estate trading game Monopoly. Met with great enthusiasm, millions of copies of advance to boardwalk were sold. Now, this classic game is back to entertain a whole new generation of fans! advance to boardwalk is easy to learn. Compete to build multi-level, high-rise hotels along the historic seaside boardwalk. At games end, the player who has accumulated the most valuable portfolio of properties wins!

You'll need to shrewdly buy, build, and broaden your base. Hold on to hotels and take over others. Strategic play, cunning, the role of the dice and the luck of fortune cards can help you do it all! players will immediately be hooked as you compete to become the games top Builder. Once you discover the skills necessary to thwart your opponents, you will want to play over and over again on your quest for boardwalk domination.

Bi-fold Gameboard
80 Hotel Units
3 Dice (2 Standard Dice and 1 Color Die)
20 Property Cards
28 Fortune Cards
4 Plastic Tokens (Sailboat, Baby Buggy, Roller Skate, Moped)
Illustrated Instructions.