Monolith Arena: Academics

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Knowledge is power, a power to control the flow of magic, or control over magnificent cities and states, filled with miracles born from a unique mixture of magic and technology. Academics are more than just a guild of sorcerers. They are the ruling class. The wise men that gather achievements of many civilizations - present and long gone. They guide many adepts showing them a way of life, as long as they are willing to sacrifice anything to join. They are living proof of how dangerous, deceptive and corruptive the power may be. With ongoing battles at the Monolith Arena, a few of them decided to explore the area, hoping to drain the ancient energy bound in the sacred place.

Key Points:

  • Well trained army - a ton of runes and upgrades in the deck!
  • Banner that slows opponent tiles!
  • Only a few but powerful units!

Requires Monolith Arena base game