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Mistfall is a cooperative adventure game set in a world of fantasy and high adventure.
Designer Błażej Kubacki
Year 2015
Number of Players 1-4 Players
Time 120 Minutes
Ages 14+
Mechanics Cooperative Play, Deck / Pool Building, Hand Management, Modular Board

Mistfall is a cooperative adventure game set in a world of fantasy and high adventure. At the start of the game, each player chooses a hero with a fixed deck of equipment and power cards before embarking on a dangerous journey through a land where monsters lurk around every corner. Each hero also comes with a pool of advanced abilities that can be added to their basic deck. A variable board setup and randomized encounters and enemies make for a game that is an intriguing and challenging experience that can be played alone or with a group of up to three friends.


385 Cards:
236 Hero Cards (numbered 1-236), including:
79 Basic Feat cards
108 Advanced Feat cards
23 Basic Gear cards
14 Reward Gear cards
12 Transient Reward Gear cards

102 Regular Enemy cards (numbered 237-338), including:
34 Regular Blue Enemies
34 Regular Green Enemies
34 Regular Red Enemies

4 Double-sided Special Enemy cards (numbered 339-342).
18 Regular Encounter cards (numbered 343-360).
4 Special Encounter cards (numbered 361-364).
13 Time Cards (numbered 365-377).
8 Double-sided Info Cards (numbered 378-385), including:
4 Quest Info cards
4 Player Aid cards

153 Game Tokens, including:
56 Wound
30 Resolve
20 Objective
40 Condition Tokens, including:
16 burning
8 daze
8 poison
8 weakness
6 quest tokens (letters A - B - C - D - E - F)
1 party token (with an attachable base)

22 Location tiles:
7 Deadlands
7 Wildlands
7 Borderlands
1 Haven

8 Boards:
7 Double-sided Hero charters
1 Double-sided Quest charter
10 Wooden Cubes:

Rules of play
Quest guide