Michigan Rummy (Rummoli) Tournament Style Edition

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A family favourite for years!
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The Boxes for these items were damaged in transit. The contents are undamaged but the box will not be mint.

Michigan Rummy has been a family favourite for years, and the new Front Porch Classics Tournament Style Edition of this popular casino-style game features a handsome all-wood game board and three additional games... 4 great games in all! Michigan Rummy, Great Lakes, Wanagan, and Oh Clare!

Flip over the Michigan Rummy center game disk or pop in the second disk to play Great Lakes (a betting game of chane like Michigan Rummy but with new twists and strategies), Wanagan (a challenging poker-style game where players' hands change as they discard to their opponents, and Oh Clare (a multiple round trick taking game where accurate bidding wins the most chips).

The durable 15" diagonal solid wood game board features stained beveled edges, felt food pads, and casino-style chip troughs.