Mermaid Rain

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In Mermaid Rain, you explore the ocean and gather as many treasures as possible in order to win the heart of your Prince. But you cant win the heart of the Prince while stuck in the ocean - you will need to spend some of your treasure to appease the witch, who will ransform your glorious fish tail into functional legs. Then, hopefully, you will have enough treasure left to dazzle the Prince.

The main action of Mermaid Rain is divided into two phases: the Surf-predicting phase and the Surf-riding phase. In the Surf-predicting phase, you make melds by using the cards in your hand and gain a Surf tile. In the Surf-riding phase of each round, you place the Surf tile on the board, move your Mermaid by using cards from your hand, and gather treasures. Gain enough treasure and win your Prince!

scoring board
87 cards
36 surf tiles
72 treasure tokens
6 scoring tokens
6 mermaids stand ups with plastic base