Massive Darkness: Troglodytes Enemy Box Expansion

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Promises of power and domination have lured the primitive Troglodytes to the Darkness. Their knowledge of extended cave systems has proven invaluable to host their new allies, and their bloodseeker minotaurs are living assault machines. The strong and tough Troglodytes have sworn allegiance to evil and will crush anyone opposing them!

This Enemy Box contains two additional Mobs (Boss and Minions), an Agent, and a Roaming Monster, along with their game cards for Massive Darkness. Brutal and reveling in the darkness, Troglodytes are shock troops for the Darkness's army. They forged pacts with Bloodseeker Minotaurs, mighty monsters who relentlessly charge at the heroes.

12 Troglodyte Warrior Minions
1 Troglodyte Warrior Boss
6 Troglodyte Brute Minions
1 Troglodyte Brute Boss
1 Troglodyte Agent
1 Bloodseeker Minotaur Roaming Monster
13 Cards