Mascarade - The Card Game

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To become the wealthiest !
Designer Bruno Faidutti
Year 2013
Number of Players 2-13
Time 30 Minutes
Mechanics bluffing, deduction, secret identities
Theme medieval
Game Video

Manipulate the influential characters of the city and hide yourself behind a mask to swindle your opponents and enrich yourself at their expense.

Bluff, psychology and fun are melt in that Bruno Faidutti's new game, the author of Citadels.


  • 1 "Courthouse" board
  • 14 character cards (13 + 1 blank)
  • 14 character tokens (13 + 1 blank)
  • 86 money tokens (4x10, 18x5, 64x1)
  • 5 player aids
  • Rulebook

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If you require the 14 sleeves needed for the cards in this game, we recommend: One pack of Ultimate Guard Card Sleeves Premium Soft Dixit Clear (90 @ 81x122mm). This will provide the minimum number of sleeves needed to fully sleeve this game.

Other choices include:
One pack of Mayday Sleeves Premium 125% Thicker Sleeves "Dixit" 50/pk (80mm x 120mm).