Magic The Gathering TCG Ikoria Collector Booster Pack

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15-card collector booster pack.

4 Foil commons or common dual lands
2 Foil uncommons
1 Foil basic land
1 Ikoria Commander card (any rarity)
1 Extended-art rare or mythic rare (43 rares, 7 mythic rares)
1 Foil rare or mythic rare, or foil extended-art rare or mythic rare
2 showcase mutate commons or uncommons (5 common, 15 uncommon)
1 Showcase rare or mythic rare (10 rares, 8 mythic rares)
1 Foil showcase card (any rarity)
1 Godzilla Series Monster card (could be foil or non-foil; the Buy-a-Box mythic rare is only available in non-foil)
1 Foil token