Magic The Gathering Event: Acorns in April Un-Sealed Event - Apr 02, 23 at 11:00 (Max 24 Participants)

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DATE - April 02, 2023
TIME - 11:00 AM
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Date April 02, 2023
Start Time 11:00 AM
Basic Details
Format Un-Sealed
Set Unsanctioned, Unfinity
Pairing Method Swiss
REL Casual
2HG No
Venue & Entry
Venue Mission: Fun & Games
Capacity 24
Entry $25


For this Un-Sealed event, each player will receive one randomly selected 30 card mono-colored Unsanctioned deck (with the associated frameless lands!) and three Unfinity Draft Boosters.

Deck Size

Using this unusual pool of cards, you will create a 40-card deck and unleash chaos upon their opponents!


Each player will get 1 Unfinity Collector Booster as prizing at the end of the event. Additional prizes and promos may be available.