Magi-Nation Duel CCG (Nightmare's Dawn) Bograth First Edition Starter Deck

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Magi-Nation Duel is a strategy game of powerful Magi, Dream Creatures, spells and magical relics.

Bograth: Sludge Hammer

Bograth is a blighted region filled with treacherous swamps. The Magi who live here love their stinky, gooey mud, and they seek to crush the beautiful Moonlands beneath their heel.

Their creatures may be small, but beware the swamps nonetheless. As their creatures grow in number, they grow in power until even the mightiest foe is buried beneath swarming masses.

If you like to overwhelm your foe with sheer numbers, this is the deck for you.

This box contains a deck for one player, a six-sided die, a rule book, and energy tokens. Each player must have a deck to play.