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  • 1 Wooden Board
  • 12 Wooden Jewels
  • 12 Wooden Crown Branches
  • 2 Wooden Dice
  • Game Rules

Find the most Jewels hidden in the branches of the crown and become the New Majesty of Maaskland!
Roll the dice, find the right jewels, and they become yours. But it is not so simple!
From the makers of Gobblet Game, this game of strategy, memory and luck forces players to watch the board constantly, steal jewels from others, and hope for a good roll of the die.
The Maask Game sounds simple enough - players roll the 2 color-coded die, then lift the branches to find the 2 color jewels that match the colors of the roll - if they do, you take the jewels; if not, you lose your turn, but should remember where they are!