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Get ready to master your memory, rock your reflexes and tune up yourtiming! When Loopz plays changing patterns of light and music, all you have to do is repeat them by waving your hands through the matching loops you dont need to touch anything! Different game modes will even let you create your own music!

So, if you think youre ready to rock, make your move with Loopz!

1 Loopz Tower
2 Circular Stands

Loopz features 7 game modes that challenge your memory, your reflexes and your creativity in different ways.
Canceling a Game: To exit a game you are currently playing, press the HOME button and you will return to the Game Menu.

Number of Players: 1
Levels: 3
Object: Repeat an ever-increasing pattern of lights.
One light will flash. Repeat it by waving your hand through the matching loop. If youre correct, Loopz will replay the light and add one more to the sequence. Continue repeating the pattern as long as you can. If you make 3 mistakes on a level, the game ends.
When you successfully complete an entire sequence (10 prompts), you automatically advance to the next level. The higher the level, the more complicated the patterns, but each pattern will always be 10 prompts long. To Win the Game: Complete all 3 levels. No matter how far you get, Loopz will award you a medal based on your performance.

Number of Players: 1
Levels: 3
Object: Keep a song going by waving your hands through loops whenever they light up.
A song starts playing and different loops light up. Wave your hand through the matching loop before its light goes out. If you can keep up with the lights, the song will continue to play. Every time you make a mistake either by waving your hand through the wrong loop or by missing a light before it When playing a game, two loops may light up simultaneously. If that happens, move both of your hands through the two loops at the same time.

Number of Players: 2
Levels: None
Object: Two players take turns building and repeating a sequence until one player makes 3 mistakes.
Loopz calls out, Player One ready, go! The first player waves their hand through a loop any loop they want. Loopz will then prompt Player Two to go. Player Two must repeat what Player One did then add one more prompt to the sequence they just wave their hand through any extra loop. Each player takes turns to repeat the ever-increasing sequence, always adding one more prompt at the end. If a player makes a mistake, Loopz will repeat the pattern so they can try again. To Win the Game: When one player makes 3 mistakes they are out and the game ends. Loopz will announce the winner and declare how many correct hits the winning player scored.

Number of Players: 1-4
Levels: 3 (for a one-player game)
1 (for a multi-player game)
Object: Tag as many lights as you can before time runs out! Beat your best score or compete against other players whoever scores the most lights wins!
Wave your hands through the upper loops to cycle through the number of players. When you hear the number you want, confirm your selection by waving your hand through either lower loop.
One-Player Game (3 Levels) Different loops will begin to flash. Move your hands through those loops before the lights go out to score a hit. It doesnt matter how many mistakes you make, Loopz only tracks your successful hits. Each level ends after 30 seconds. You must score a minimum number of hits on a level to advance to the next level:
Level 1 30 hits
Level 2 40 hits
Level 3 50 hits
When the game ends, Loopz will announce the total number of hits you scored on all levels played.
To Win the Game: Score at least 50 hits on Level 3.
Multi-Player Game (1 Level)
In a 2-4-player game, there is only 1 level, meaning that each player only goes once. Loopz will direct each player to begin and gives them 30 seconds to score as many lights as they can. After everyone has had a turn, Loopz will call out each players score and declare a winner. To Win the Game: Earn the highest score.

Number of Players: 1
Levels: 3
Object: Build songs, one instrument at a time, by repeating random sequences of lights.
Loopz will play a random pattern of lights accompanied by the sound of an instrument, such as drums or a bass line. If you successfully repeat the pattern, you will hear part of a song using only that instrument. Loopz will proceed to play 4 more patterns, each more challenging than the one before, each featuring a different instrument. If you make 3 mistakes during any one pattern, the game ends.
Every time you complete a pattern, Loopz will play a music sequence using all the instruments youve unlocked up to that point. When you successfully finish 5 patterns, you will have built a complete song (5 instruments) and Loopz will play the whole thing for you.
To Win the Game: Complete 3 songs.

Number of Players: 1
Object: Remix the music in Loopz by turning tracks on and off.
From the Game Menu, select the song you want to mix, using the upper two loops to cycle through 11 different choices. When you hear the song you want, wave your hand through either lower loop to select it.
NOTE: After 5 seconds with no input, Loopz will auto-select the current song.
The selected song will continue playing. Wave your hands through any of the four loops to turn the different tracks off and on.
Choosing a Different Song
After choosing a song, if you decide you want something different, quickly press the HOME button twice then make a different choice.
Special Effects
Add a little spice to your mix with some double-hand prompts wave your hands through two loops at the same time to produce cool effects, such as scratches or yeahs! Experiment with different combos of double-hand prompts to see what other effects you can discover.

Number of Players: 1
Object: Play Loopz like a musical instrument.
From the Game Menu, use the top two loops to cycle through the different instruments you can play. When you hear the sound you want, wave your hand through either of the lower loops to select it. If you decide you want to choose a different instrument after you start playing, quickly press the HOME button twice then make a different choice.
You can play a scale of 10 notes. To play the notes from lowest to highest, just move your hands through the loops as indicated: