Legends of Novus

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Become a legend!... of Novus.
Designer Wesley Woodbury
Year 2019
Number of Players 1-5
Time 45-90 Min
Ages 12+
Mechanics Campaign / Battle, Card Driven, Dice Rolling, Variable Player Powers
Theme Fantasy
Game Video N/A

Legends of Novus is a fantasy adventure game, placing you in control of a heroic character who is embarking on a journey across the mythical world of Novus in an effort to help rid the world of powerful creatures who are terrorizing the lands...

Build up your hero from basic to heroic in this single session game featuring levelling up, class changes, and card-based equipment slots. A "sandbox" style world map allows players to explore the game in any location!

The game has a combination of a physical character sheet and card based equipment attached to it. The variety of initial characters, and classes they can advance to make the game re-playable with a different game play experience each time. The world story, and the ability to navigate the world with a free roam aspect (and no dice rolling controlling how far or where you can travel to), gives the players a strong sense of control over their fate. The multiple paths to gaining XP also give the players a chance to explore different character strengths and game strategies in their goal to become a Legend of Novus.

Players race to become the first Legend of Novus by travelling across the world, defeating standard encounters, accomplishing special Quests, and defeating very powerful "Quest Creatures" that threaten the realms. The first player to reach 25 experience, and defeat a Quest Creature, is the victor!