Legendary - Marvel: Venom Expansion

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A variety of Venomized heroes battle with unique and powerful masterminds.
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Designer Devin Low
Year 2019
Number of Players 1-5
Time ~45 minutes
Ages 14+

In this Legendary expansion, a variety of Venomized heroes battle with unique and powerful masterminds, Hybrid and Poison Thanos, imbued with devastating new powers! Summoned by Dr. Strange, all-new Venom-bonded heroes use their symbiote abilities to clash with a host of poisoned villains, who boast a combined strength of symbiote and host. This latest expansion to Legendary includes new thematic mechanics and keywords like Indigestion... when Digest doesn't go as planned.


  • 100 Playable Cards
  • 5 Heroes
  • 2 Masterminds
  • 2 Villain Groups
  • 4 All New Schemes
  • 1 Rulesheet

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