Legend of Korra - Pro-Bending Arena Game: Amon's Invasion Expansion

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Article code 827714014457
Designer Sen-Foong Lim, Jessey Wright
Year 2018
Number of Players 1-2
Time 30-45 Minutes
Mechanics Area Control/Area Influence, Area Movement, Deck/Pool Building, Player Elimination, Variable Player Powers
Theme Fighting. Tv Based

Amons Invasion is an expansion for The Legend of Korra: Pro-Bending Arena. The expansion adds 3 modes to your core game.

Mode 1: And the Winner is is a Co-Op scenario where players join forces to fight off Amons Equalist forces.

Mode 2: Avatar Korra (Solo Bender) lets a player be Avatar Korra and play her as a single team or incorporate her into And the Winner is with another player controlling to other benders.

Mode 3: Villain: Amon (Solo Bender) lets a player control Amon and his equalist minions 


  • 1 Amon miniatue
  • 8 Amon Technique cards(Co-Op)
  • 12 Equalist Technique cards (Solo)
  • 1 Equalist Team board (double-sided)
  • 5 Targeting tokens
  • 6 Bloodbending tokens
  • 24 Martial Arts tokens
  • 2 Daze tokens
  • 4 Chi-blocker miniatures
  • 12 Avatar Korra Technique cards
  • 9 Trick cards
  • 1 Avatar Korra Team board
  • 2 Amon info cards