Kumo Hogosha

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For centuries, prestigious tournaments have been organized on the Rotary Arena of the Four Winds, where the famous Balance Stone stands. Only the conqueror is elevated to the rank of Kumo Hogosha, true demi-Dieu among the Men.

It is now your turn to write the legend. Climb the arena, control the moving environment, and move the Balance Stone into your opponent's camp to become a Kumo Hogosha!

Your goal is to get the balance stone placed in the middle of the board into your opponent's side. Each player has 5 actions per turn, including one mandatory: turn the board at least once a quarter turn in the chosen direction!

12 Kumo cubes (= Kumotori) ( 2 colors)
1 Rotary Arena
1 Balance Stone
4 Character Trays
4 Action Markers
2 Rules Booklet