Kids Charades

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  • Score Pad
  • Charade Cards
  • Sand Timer
  • 1 Die
  • Pencil
  • Instructions


This classic acting party game is jam-packed with hundreds of charades that are guaranteed to keep children amused for hours.

It's a rib-tickling race to act out a charade from each of the three categories - people and characters, animals and objects, and actions and phrases. Kids Charades develops critical thinking skills, builds imagination, and requires more than a little luck!

You can never be sure what's coming next - one moment you might be 'BUILDING AN IGLOO' and the next you're 'SCORING A GOAL', or maybe even 'WINNING A THREE-LEGGED RACE'!

Played against the clock, this charades game is instant fun and laughter for kids... and grown-ups too!