Inhabit the Earth

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Designer Richard Breese
Year 2015
Number of Players 2-4
Time 60-90 Minutes
Ages 14+
Mechanics Action Queue, Area Movement, Card Drafting, Hand Management, Modular Board
Theme Animals, Environmental

In essence, Inhabit The Earth is a race game played out on six continent boards. Players create their own menagerie of up to six creatures, each of which is represented by up to six cards, by using cards to introduce, multiply, evolve, and adapt their creatures. Each of the 162 unique cards identifies a creature's class, a continent and terrain that the creature inhabits, and a special or scoring ability.

Each class of creature is also represented by a counter, and the cards are also used to trigger the movement of the counters along the trails on the boards and by migrating, from one board to another. Breeding, achieved by flipping over a creature's counter, generates new cards. Movement facilitates further breeding and the chance to secure tokens for additional icons and point scoring. At the end of the game, points are scored through abilities on the creature's cards, the position of the creatures' counters on the boards, and from tokens; the player with the most points wins. Rules for an introductory game for up to three players are also included.


6 cardboard continent boards
162 English cards:
-54 cards in the "1" deck
-54 cards in the "2" deck
-54 cards in the "3" deck
162 German cards:
-54 cards in the "1" deck
-54 cards in the "2" deck
-54 cards in the "3" deck
24 wooden creature tokens
-6 different classes for each of the 4 player colors (blue, green, red, yellow) Sticker sheet to apply to the creature tokens
58 cardboard tokens
-26 green hedgehog and bobcats
-26 blue robin and swifts
-6 red tokens
24 black wooden movement cubes
24 colored wooden trigger cubes
-6 each in the 4 player colors (blue, green, red, yellow)
30 plastic yellow sun markers
4 cardboard token racks
4 cardboard turn option summary cards - one in each of the 4 player colors
1 set of English rules
1 set of German rule