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Welcome to your amusement park! It's not much now, but just give it time!
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An easy to learn board game about building a theme park and engineering amusement rides and roller coasters. The most Legendary Imagineer wins!

Welcome to your amusement park! It's not much now, but just give it time! Soon the gates will open, and eager guests will rush in to ride the latest rides! It's up to you and your fellow imaginative engineers to build a magically fun place that people will love — competing with them to make a name for yourself as the most famous park designer in the world! From your humble beginnings, you will fill the park with the best attractions, manage your staff, cleverly construct a thrilling roller coaster, and prove that you are the best Imagineer!

Over the course of several rounds in Imagineers, you must skillfully guide your guests around the park, earning money to build new attractions, which leads to happiness, which earns you fame! Careful choices about which rides to build — and when to upgrade your showcase roller coaster — will ultimately decide your success! The Imagineer who amasses the most fame wins!

1 Park Board (double-sided day/night)
12 Event Cards (English/French)
12 Movement Cards
1 Rulebook (English/French)
1 Solo Rulebook (English/French)
24 Guest Meeples (in 3 colors)
1 Reviewer Meeple (solo mode)
42 Double-sided park tiles
1 First Player Token
4 Roller Coaster Boards
4 Roller Coaster Entrance Tiles
40 Ownership Markers (10/player)
4 Fame Markers
4 Happiness Trackers
4 Money Trackers
4 Path Tiles
1 Mess tokens