Hamsterrolle Wooden Game

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"Hamsterrolle" is a skills game which constantly goes round and round.
Designer Jacques Zeimet
Year 2000
Number of Players 2-4 Players
Time 30-40 Minutes
Ages 7+
Mechanics Partnerships
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Now we're rolling! As if moved by an invisible hand, the hamster wheel follows the laws of gravity. How far might you be able to turn it? ... This is pure excitement! Because if you let pieces tumble out of the wheel, you'll have to put them in again later!

"Hamsterrolle" is a skills game which constantly goes round and round.

The wooden wheel is divided into twelve compartments by wooden dividers. Each player has different building pieces that have to be placed into these compartments. Due to skilful assembly, the wheel starts moving once the first pieces are placed. The thrill is that as soon as blocks fall out of the wheel, one unexpectedly gets new building blocks to place. The winner is the player who has gotten rid of all his building pieces first. A thrilling roundabout ride for the entire family and for all age groups.

1 Handmade wooden table with 12 divisions
28 Wooden playing pieces in 7 colors
1 Black cone
Game instructions
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