GOSU - Goblin Supremacy

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Goblin Supremacy (Gosu) is the first game provided by Moonster Games, a new French publisher. Moonster Games sign here a jewel from the young game designer Kim Satô ...

Gosu is a card game in which three rows of goblins should be aligned to win the big battles. Rules are very simple and the game is rich strategy, various combinations, replayability ... In short, you have 100 cards in this ultimate game that stands on its own..

You can even download the english rules of the game by cliking here.

This game module is a result of a collaboration between Vassal Factory and Moonster Games. We wish you beautiful parts online up to 4 players, to await the real game approx late august or at the start of september !

Contents: 100 goblin cards, 8 activation tokens, 9 victory points, 1 advantage token, 1 rulebook