Glenn Drover's Empires: The Age of Discovery: Empires Builder Expansion

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When placed on the colonist dock and sent to the New World it will increase the VP's scored for the region: +2 VP's/ Builder (of any color) for 1st place; +1 VP for second place. When placed in the Capital Building track, the player pays half the normal cost

These include some "buildings" that cost zero, but offer a one-time instant effect such as $7, 2 free specialists, and 2 free trade goods. So even if a player is short on cash, a building action is available.
A RULES SHEET with the new Builder Rules, Capital Buildings, and even special rules for a historical start (Each Nation has a special ability and one or two Capital Buildings to start the game).

Game Highlights:
Expands the game to 6 players with a Complete set of purple colonists
20 NEW Capital Buildings
34 Base Buildings
60 Builder specialists in 6 colors
6 New national advantage counter
1 Rule book
Compatible with Age of Empires III: The Board Game