Ghostbusters X MIB Ecto-Terrestrial Invasion

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Grab a Ghostbuster, grab an MIB Agent and catch some alien/ghost hybrids in this chibi style miniatures game.
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Designer Jonathan Phillips-Bradford
Year 2021
Number of Players 1-4
Time 75min
Ages 14+
Mechanics Action Points, Semi-Cooperative Game, Take That
Theme Sci-Fi, Aliens, Ghosts, ...Busting
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The Ghostbusters’ latest invention is nearly ready, but there’s trouble brewing! The space pirate Zorg has crashed his ship into the Ghostbusters’ headquarters, stealing psychokinetic energy and transforming his crew into deadly Ecto-Terrestrials. By themselves, the Ghostbusters stand no chance against these invaders… but hope is not lost! The Men In Black have joined forces with them to repel the new threat!


2 to 4 players each control a team of one Ghostbuster and one MIB agent to defend New York City. Trap Ecto-Terrestrials and complete scenarios while using the latest weaponry & gadgets! All teams must work together to defeat the alien forces, but only one team can be the best. Do you have the mettle to defeat the machinations of Zorg and his minions?



  • 42 Miniature Figures
  • 5 Large Boss Miniature Figures
  • 1 Ghostbuster Firehouse Dice Tower
  • 8 Dice Tower Panels
  • 98 Cards: 8 Hero Cards, 38 Hot Sheet Cards, 32 Gadget Cards, 4 Reference Cards, 6 Bonus Hero Cards, 10 Bonus Boss Cards
  • 89 Mini Cards: 30 weapon cards, 45 Equipment Cards, 8 Starting Weapon Cards, 6 Bonus Starting Weapon Cards
  • 5 Tarot-Sized Cards: 3 Boss Cards, 1 Bonus Boss Card, 1 Reference Card
  • 5 Dashboards: 4 Player Dashboards, 1 Hot Sheet Dashboard
  • 229 Tokens: 40 Health Tokens, 16 Door Tokens, 27 Objective Tokens, 16 Currency Tokens, 11 ET Spawn Tokens, 4 Player Spawn Tokens, 20 Gadget Tokens, 56 Battery Tokens, 25 Trap Tokens, 4 Slimed Tokens, 1 Employee of the Week Token, 1 First Player Token, 4 Point Tracker Tokens, 3 PKE Tracker Tokens.
  • 9 Double Sided Map Tiles
  • 24 Custom Dice
  • Rulebook, Scenario Book & Story Book
  • Bonus Scenario Sheet
  • 8 Base Clips