On Target Line of Sight Laser Pointer

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This is a new an improved version. The casing is stronger, with improved aesthetic as well as the logo now stands out better!
On-target line laser is based on the same sturdy units used in industrial, construction and manufacturing sectors to deliver long reliable life.
In fact the components for these units were originally designed to operate mounted on tools such as skill saws and other high-vibration environments so we know it will hold up well to gamer needs, use and abuse.
This is no mickey-mouse-dollar-store laser, this is the real thing.
We selected the beam shape, focus length and output ideal for gaming needs in order to deliver a product superior to anything else on the market today.
wavelength:635nm red
Output: Class 1 Laser
Beam Shape : Line (Fan Angle 90°)
Operating Distance / Focus distance: 50cm
Line Thickness: 1mm