Fog of Love: Trouble With the In-Laws Expansion

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As if your own fights weren't enough.
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There's no longer only two people in this relationship, now your in-laws are sticking their noses in. They have strong opinions on how you should be living your life and you have to consider their feelings with every decision you  make.

But that doesn't mean you have to respect their wishes. Each game, you can decide whether to play the golden child, or ignore what they want completely. Be careful--they might drive you apart, for good. 

Trouble With the In-Laws journeys deeper into the hilarious complications of modern relationships, delivering richer stores and a new way to play the game.


  • 1 Love story (6 synopsis and chapter cards); 2 Card holders (grey); 2 Grey tokens; 30 Scenes; 14 Destinies (7 pink/7 blue)