Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia

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Four distinct societies, each of them waiting for you to rewrite history. What are you willing to sacrifice to build a better dystopia?
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Designer Jamey Stegmaier. Alan Stone
Year 2013
Number of Players 2-6
Time 60 Minutes
Ages 13+
Mechanics Dice Rolling, Hand Management, Race, Set Collection, Variable Player Powers
Theme Dystopian, SciFi
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You find yourself in a dystopian cityscape with a few workers at your disposal to make your mark on the world. Like most people in dystopian fiction, your workers are oblivious to their situation. This world is all they’ve ever known. You may use them at your whim.

The world as we know it has ended, and in its place the city of Euphoria has risen. Believing that a new world order is needed to prevent another apocalypse, the Euphorian elite erect high walls around their golden city and promote intellectual equality above all else. Gone are personal freedoms; gone is knowledge of the past. All that matters is the future.

Euphoria is a worker-placement game where dice are your workers. The number on each die represents a worker’s knowledge–that is, their level of awareness that they’re in a dystopia. Worker knowledge enables various bonuses and impacts player interaction. If the collective knowledge of all of your workers gets too high, one of them might desert you.

You also have 2 elite recruit cards at your disposal. One has pledged allegiance to you, but the other needs some convincing. You can reveal and use the reticent recruit by reaching certain milestones in the game…or by letting other players unwittingly reach those milestones for you.


  • 1 Game Board
  • 24 Custom Steampunk Dice
  • 48 Recruit Cards (59x91mm)
  • 36 Artifact Cards (59x91mm)
  • 18 Cardboard Market Tiles
  • 6 Ethical Dilemma Cards (59x91mm)
  • 45 Custom Wood Resource Tokens
  • 72 Custom Wood Commodity Tokens
  • 3 Wood Miner Meeples
  • 4 Wood Progress Tokens
  • 6 Custom Wood Morale Tokens
  • 6 Custom Wood Knowledge Tokens
  • 60 Custom Wood Authority Tokens
  • 6 Cardboard Multiplier Markers
  • 6 Cardboard Allegiance Tokens
  • Rulebook