Escape - Zombie City - Big Box

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A zombie horde has been sightedand they're headed directly towards your city! Escape: Zombie City challenges you and your fellow survivors to work together to escape the city before it's completely overrun by zombies. In this real-time cooperative board game, your team has only fifteen minutes to load the van with supplies and leave the city before the zombie horde closes in. What's more, there are no turns in Escape: Zombie City. Everybody plays at the same time, moving through the city and grabbing the supplies you need as quickly as possible. Can you survive the zombie apocalypse?


Basic Game:
23 Street Sections
20 Zombies
20 Colored Bases
18 Item tiles
20 Dice
4 Survivor Tokens
1 Van
1 Van Tile
90 Zombie Cards
1 CD with 2 soundtracks
1 Bag

Survivor Chronicles Expansion
6 Challenge Road Tiles
1 Grandpa with Base
1 Barricade Token
3 Challenge Tokens
6 Character with Bases
12 Character Cards

Queenie 1 Expansion

10 Zombies
2 Street Tiles

Queenie 2 Expansion
8 Items
2 Zombies
1 Street Tile

Queenie 3 Expansion
10 Task Cards
1 Rules Booklet