Epic - The Card Game: Tyrants Raxxa's Revenge Expansion

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Raxxa, Demon Tyrant. Raxxas Riftgate towers over the cursed land of The Blight. With it, the Lord of Demons can call forth a powerful army of hellish beings, but the Riftgate needs power. With the help of a forcemage, Raxxa seeks to corrupt the mighty dragon Draka, and bind the powerful hunter to his will. However, Raxxa may have underestimated the dragons rage.

The veil between the demon world and the human world is weakening. The Demon Tyrant Raxxa is summoning his minions to spread destruction and to solidify his power. THis pack contains the following 13 non-random cards: Raxxa Demon Tyrant, Raxxas Displeasure, Spawning Demon, Smash and Burn, Fire Spirit, Feeding Frenzy, Fumble, Knight of Shadows, Temporal Enforcer, Forced Exile, Revolt, Urgent Messengers, and a Demon/Human token.