Epic - The Card Game: Tyrants Helion's Deceit Expansion

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Helion, the Dominator. A former Forcemage, Helion was exiled for trying to explore his powers through multiple sage disciplines. Helion has enlisted the help of the Demon Lord Raxxa in order to take the Forbidden Citadel for himself, but his machinations may have unforeseen consequences.

The great mage Helion has seized power at The Forbidden Citadel. Now this Tyrant is manipulating events all the way from the city of Covenant to the Dargothian Mountains. This pack includes the following 13 non-random cards: Helion the Dominator, Helions Fury, Royal Escort, Raxxas Curse, Reaper, Dark Offering, Ankylosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Great Horned Lizard, Vanishing, Rabble Rouser, Second Wind, and a new Demon/Human token.