Elk Fest

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Good grazing is just a stone's flick away!
Designer Hermann Huber
Year 1999
Number of Players 2 players
Time 15 Minutes
Ages 8+
Mechanics Dexterity, Modular Board
Theme Animals
Game Video

Two elk (Jule and Ole) stare at each other across a river. Longing for the greener grass where the other elk is, they set out to beat each other to the opposite bank! In Elk Fest, move your elk to the other bank by flicking wooden disks across the table and balancing your elk on them. Can your elk get to the greener grass across the river? Good grazing is just a stone's flick away!

Part of the Kosmos two-player seriesElk Fest or Elchfest is a two player dexterity game in which players attempt to navigate their moose across a river along a series of stones. Players take turns flicking 2 stones, represented by disks, and moving their moose along said stones. Care must be taken when moving ones moose as if the front and back hooves of the moose do not rest atop of the stones the players turn immediately ends, the moose is returned to its previous position, and the opposing player may flick 3 stones. The winner is the first person to move their moose to the opposing river bank!


  • 1 Rulebook
  • 2 Elks
  • 2 River Banks
  • 6 River Stones
  • 8 Rubber Feet