Dungeon Dressing Vinyl Stickers: Furniture

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Quickly and easily populate your dungeon map with all sorts of highly detailed and colorful items using Role 4 Initiative’s Dungeon Dressing. Each sheet contains dozens of vinyl stickers that are repositionable, reusable, and compatible with both dry- and wet-erase markers so they can be used on any battlemat or set of dungeon tiles.

This set of reusable dry-erase silicone stickers contains 112 furnishings as follows:

12 round stools, 6 book cabinets, 2 writing desks, 4 weapon racks, 4 dressers, 3 paintings, 4 wall-mount shelves, 1 long serving bar, 1 pots & pans rack, 2 small wooden boxes, 4 dining tables w/ chairs, 3 mounted animal heads, 8 sleeping bags, roll & cots - open,  6 sleeping bags & rolls - rolled up, 13 large wooden chairs (4 upholstered), 6 beds (2 king, 2 double, 2 single), 20 small wall-mount braziers, 12 large pedestal braziers, 1 area rug