Dropzone Commander PHR (Post-Human Republic) Helios/Aether Jetskimmers

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The Aether is a highly advanced jetskimmer type unit based on the standard Helios chassis. While the Helios is aggressive and flexible, the Aether is best used carefully and from a concealed position, where its indirect fire capability can hide it from return fire. It employs Black Nanomachine Hives similar to those on the Type-4 Hades walker, an insidious weapon capable of enveloping heavily armoured foes in a seething cloud of eroding death.

This weapon is designed for the anti-armour role only, making the Aether a highly focused unit of consummate ability in cramped urban environments. The hapless target may never see the virtually silent, gliding killer unleashing death from the shadows.

Full background and rules are now available in Reconquest: Phase 2

Aether shares blister with Helios Jetskimmer
Two models per blister
10mm Scale
Length 41mm
Three Resin Components each
Model supplied unassembled and unpainted