Dragonsgate College

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As the head of an Apprentice House with a tradition as long as the university itself, you must make sure that your hall of fame shines the brightest, and that your House is the most prestigious at year's end.
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In a land of magic and mystery, atop a mountain tall enough to scrape the sky, stands a college for uniquely gifted individuals craving the life of true adventurers. Only the brightest, the strongest or the most devious of them earn the honour of passing the Dragonsgate, and gaining admittance into the Dungeon of Certain Death.

Dragonsgate College is a 2-4 player game of dice drafting and board building. Each turn players will make use of dice to enlist new Apprentices and Professors into their House, develop their player boards by raising new buildings on their House Grounds, move through a Training Dungeon and - last but certainly not least - secure careers for their Apprentices, bringing precious Prestige to their House.

Use all your wits and all your skill to become the house that forgers legends!

Game Components: 1 Board
4 Player Boards
216 Tiles and Tokens, including:
- 12 Level tiles,
- 12 Mastery tiles,
- 30 Career tiles (Wizards, Rogues, and Warriors),
- 44 Apprentice tiles,
- 30 Professor tiles,
- 36 Building tiles,
- 16 Imp tokens,
- 36 Coin tokens (values 1 and 5),
50 Wizard Cards,
4 Turn Summary, Starting Resources, and Prestige at Game End Cards,
21 six-sided dice,
16 wooden marker cubes in 4 player colours,
16 wooden marker discs in 4 player colours,
1 wooden Starting Player marker,
1 wooden turn marker