Dragon Claw Magnetic Playmat

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A magnetic game board that holds your cards securely in place. Add our inserts to your deck protectors and your cards stick to the Dragon Claw. With the Dragon Claw’s Patent Pending design no more games are ruined by wind, speed bumps or turbulence.

How does it work?

Powerful lightweight Neodymium magnets are embedded under the play surface providing a lightweight but strong grip to your deck protected cards (when inserts are placed).

Where can I buy it?

The Dragon Claw is currently available directly through DKP Accessories with secure payments processed by Stripe and Paypal.

Is it big enough to play games on?

Yes! In fact compared to normal sized rubber playmats the Dragon Claw has very similar playable area (48cm x 25cm). Click here to see!

Will I be able to remove my cards from the Dragon Claw?

Yes. The magnetic strength is enough to hold the cards in place, but not too much as to inhibit play or use of the cards.

Does the Dragon Claw come with deck protectors?

No. The Dragon Claw comes with magnetic inserts. You must purchase deck protectors from your local gaming store or online.

Does the Dragon Claw work with all card games?

The Dragon Claw works with any card game that fits within a standard deck protector. The Dragon Claw was designed with Trading Card Games in mind and some over-sized card games or standard playing card games may not work as well.

Is there different artwork available?

Currently the Dragon Claw has one option for artwork.