Don't Rock the Boat

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Arrrrr ye ready for some fun? Take turns trying to balance your pirate pieces on the ship, but if you rock the boat and send some mateys overboard, ye be a landlubber!
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Year 2012
Number of Players 2-4
Ages 5+
Mechanics Action / Dexterity
Theme Pirates
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Don't Rock the Boat is a fun way to spend time with friends. It works with two to four players who each have their own penguins. In this Don't Rock the Boat game, each person adds one to the ship. Careful strategy is needed to make sure you're not the one who makes it tip over. 
  • Kids' board game is simple and fun to play
  • Play with 2 to 4 people
  • Recommended for ages 5 and older
  • Players take turns placing their penguins on the ship trying to keep it from tipping over

Contents: 3-Piece Ship with 3 Masts, 2-Piece Water Wave, Balancing Rod, 16 Playing Pieces (10 Pirate Penguins, Cannon, Treasure Chest, Ship Wheel, Anchor, Octopus, Crab), Rules