Dilluvia Project

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Build a Sky City!
Designer Alexandre Garcia
Year 2015
Number of Players 2-4 Players
Time 120 Minutes
Ages 12+
Mechanics Tile Placement, Worker Placement
Theme City Building, Science Fiction
Game Video

Planet Earth is overpopulated, but recent technological developments open new possibilities - whole cities hovering high in the skies. The first planned sky-city is called the “Dilluvia Project”. Will it succeed? Will it be able to convince people to move away from their friends to live in the clouds? Mankind waits with bated breath.

As an entrepreneur, you’ll help manage the construction of this first sky-city. During seven game turns, your main goal is to attract new inhabitants to the city. Build efficiently and attract the most new citizens to the Dilluvia Project, and you’ll be the winner!


  • 1 Game Board; 1 Building Board; 4 Player Mats; 4 Wooden Houses; 120 Resource Tokens; 56 Player Cubes; 36 Wooden Discs; 4 Population Figures; 1 Turn Marker; 4 Zeppelins; 16 Garden Tiles; 61 Market Tiles; 86 Building Tiles; 4 Prestige Markers; 62 Aero Coins; 4 Aero Markers; 4 Resource Markers; 4 Player Aids; 1 Rulebook