Dice Command

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Dice Command is semi-abstract tactical wargame for 2-4 players.
Designer Sam Cristall, Tyler Holman
Year 2020
Number of Players 2-4 Players
Time 25-60 Minutes
Ages 14+
Mechanics Dice Rolling, Grid Movement, Tug of War, Worker Placement with Dice Workers
Game Video

Dice Command is semi-abstract tactical wargame for 2-4 players. In each game, players will go head-to-head in a tug of war battle. To fuel the war machine, players carefully build up their army and technology while simultaneously adjusting to their opponents on the battlefield. Deciding when ti attack and when to defend can mean the difference between victory and defeat. With tight, lightning-fast gameplay and deep strategic choices, no two games of Dice Command will feel the same!

- Double-Sided Game Board
- 12 Facility Tiles
- 2 Alliance Cards
- 35 Tactical Advantage Cards + 1 Cease Fire card
- 16 Command Cards (4 Sets of 4)
- 4 Double-sided Player Reference Cards
- 4 Barracks (Dice rolling trays)
- 40 Units + 1 Damage Dice (4 color-coded sets of 10 standard 6-sided dice and one yellow 6-sided dice)
- 11 Mine Tokens
- 20 Credit Tokens
- 16 Research Tokens
- 12 Sabotage Tokens