Deluxe Star Trek Scene It? (Used)

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The DVD game that puts you in the Captain's seat!
Designer Uncredited
Year 2009
Number of Players 2 +
Time 30 Minutes
Ages 13+
Mechanics Roll/Spin and Move, Trivia
Theme Star Trek, Sci Fi

The DVD game that puts you in the Captain's seat!

Scene it? Star Trek is the trivia game that boldly goes where no one has gone before! Explore strange new worlds with a DVD game that's filled with clips, trivia games, and puzzlers from five of the Star Trek TV series and all the Star Trek movies. To seek out new life, new civilizations, just pop the game disc into your DVD player and stay tuned for a universe of trivia! Scene It? Star Trek tests you knowledge with real clips as you answer trivia questions and race around the game board to win!

Not as all knowing as Q?

Scene It? is more than Star Trek trivia - use observation, memory, word play and puzzle-solving to answer different challenges about what you see on-screen: Sure, you know that fuzzy little tribbles got out of control and overran the Enterprise, but what does Spock compare them too? Don't know? Don't worry! You'll see for yourself in the clip! so if you think you know about Star Trek, let Scene It? put your knowledge to the test! Make it so!


  • 1 DVD
  • 1 Flextime Game Board
  • 1 Six-sided Numbered Die
  • 1 Eight-sided Category Die
  • 4 Collectible Metal Tokens
  • 16 Prime Directive
  • 175 Trivia Cards
  • 4 Category Reference Cards
  • 1 Instruction Sheet