Deer Lord! Bling Edition

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basic DEER LORD! deck + ‘Geek’ & ‘Asylum’ expansions
Designer Dries
Year 2017
Number of Players 4-8
Time 30-60 Minutes
Ages 12+
Game Video

The Basic game contains cards that are suitable to play with everyone: friends, family, kids, frenemies,…
The Socially Awkward expansion : combines 2 DEER LORD expansions into an oddball wonderland.

  • the GEEK expansion gives you heated debates over fist fights or dance routines (or anything physical like that), it lets you pummel your opponents with pop culture knowledge. Proclaim yourself the Stephan Urquelle among the Urkels.
  • the ASYLUM expansion let’s you fly over the cuckoo’s nest to unleash ALL the crazy! No point in playing sneakily with this set of totally absurd cards that will send the game right to the nut house.

Additionally, it includes a collectible medallion not available through other channels. Elite swankiness!