Deadlands Doomtown TCG Episode 1 & 2 Booster Pack

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Gomorra, California: This frontier settlement on the edge of the Great Maze sits on the biggest ghost rock lode ever. Overnight, this sleepy cow town has exploded with life as prospectors, gunslingers and crazed inventors seek to control the precious mineral that moves through its streets. It's a place where a fast gun dispenses frontier justice in the hands of both the quick and the dead, and the only the only thing you can count on as hot lead whizzes past your ears is your cold heart. It's a place where the shadows move with a life of their own, and where the forces of light and darkness are drawn in like moths to a flame. This town ain't for the gutless, pardner. Have you got what it takes to tame it?

Contains 15 random cards for the Deadlands Doomtown Trading Card Game.