Dark Domains

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Take on the role of a city leader attempting to expand the frontier of Harrows into the hinterland.
Designer William Baldwin, Jeff Horger, Carla Horger, Joseph Roush
Year 2019
Number of Players 2-5 Players
Time 2 Hours
Ages 14+
Mechanics Dice Rolling, Worker Placement

Harrows is home to the famous Torin Company and its never-ending supply of heroes and adventurers. Once the word reaches Harrows that darkness is afoot in the Domains, it is only a matter of time before these nosy adventurers begin to seek out the dens of horror to stop the evil.

Dark Domains is a worker placement game where 2-5 players attempt to create a Domain that provides them the most evil, depicted in the game by skulls. Players must use Minions, Henchmen, Monsters & Magic to stamp out the good, repel the Torin Company and cover their land in darkness.

Tarot cards are used in the game as events to live up each turn and to regulate the phases of the game.

1 Game Board
1 Rules Booklet
5 Domain Boards
1 Phase Marker
1 First Player Token with Base
27 Minions (5 per player + 2 additional)
62 Fortune Cards
48 Adventurer Cards
40 Henchmen Cards
94 Building Cards
156 Spell Cards
10 Masters of the Domain
68 Monster Tokens
92 Element Tokens (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water)
55 Coin Tokens
65 Evil Tokens
116 Resource Tokens (Stone, Metal, Wood, Workers)
30 Condition Tokens
8 Polyhedral Dice (6, 8, 10, 12-sided)