Crimson Skies - Collectible Miniatures Game: The Fortune Hunters Squadron

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Crimson Skies is an action-packed collectable miniatures game of dogfighting and barroom brawling in an aviation-dominated world.

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Founded by Great War ace and former Wall Street tycoon Nathan Zachary, the Fortune Hunters are tough, resourceful, and cool-headed brigands who pry their keep from the clouds. Headquartered in a stolen cargo zeppelin, they hover between good and evil, relying on planning and information to plunder the wealthy and powerful. With a nationwide network of snitches, informats, and former militia fliers, their connections help prevent them from being double-crossed. 

Crimson Skies is an action-packed, collectible miniatures game of dogfighting and barroom-brawling in an aviation-dominated fantasy world. Every plastic figure comes prepainted and fully assembled, and all the game information needed is on the figures unique combat dial.

This pack contains 4 airplanes.