Crimson Skies - Collectable Miniatures Game: Aces Pack #2 - Deadly Duo

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The battles of the fractured states of North America take place not only in the skies, but also on the ground and in the industry boardrooms and speakeasies.

Crimson Skies Deadly Duo features Nathan Zachary, Leader of the Fortune Hunters (Sky Pirates), and Maria Sanchez, Aviation Machinist. Maria Sanchez was scraping by, repairing planes that came in to her isolated machine shop, when sky pirate Nathan Zachary buzzed in under attack. When her shop was destroyed, Nathan and Maria fled in her old biplane. Now she joins Zachary's Fortune Hunters on their aerial adventures, determined to regain what she lost. Tough, independent, an ace flier, and an even better wrench, she's not the woman under the wing of the most powerful sky pirate in North America--or is she?

Crimson Skies is an action-packed, collectible miniatures game of dogfighting and barroom-brawling in an aviation-dominated fantasy world. Every plastic figure comes prepainted and fully assembled, and all the game information needed is on the figures unique combat dial.