Cranium Sculpt-It

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The Cranium Sculpt-It game is a wacky game with an outerspace theme, in which all players work together to use their imaginations and win as a team. One player picks a card and sculpts the object shown, using the included Cranium Clay. Then that player tries to get the others to guess what it is before the timer runs out. The sculpture doesn't have to look exactly like the image on the card be creative! The first player to get 4 correct guesses wins the game. The game offers practice in collaboration, self-expression, and imagination. The game was reviewed by Mensa for Kids.

It's an outerspace clay-sculpting race
Work together to win
Get teammates to guess what was on the card
Encourages using imagination and collaboration

Includes In-box gameboard, can of Cranium Clay, spaceship mover, alien mover, 60-second sand timer, 96 cards, spaceship card window, and instructions.

Ages 5 and up
For 2 or more players
Adult Assembly Required
Compound Net Wt. 3 oz. (84 g)
Compound not intended to be eaten.