Conspiracy - The Solomon Gambit

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A game of cat and mouse. But who's the cat, and who's the mouse?
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Agents move across Europe. The briefcase is in the open. You don't know who you can trust ... until it's too late.

In Conspiracy: The Solomon Gambit, a restoration of the 1973 classic game conspiracy, players vie for control of the agents by secretly paying them off and using them to move the briefcase across Europe, trying to get it to their HQ. But other players can challenge and stop an agent from moving if they have paid more than you — and for the right price they can even assassinate another agent.

In addition to a slick new look, this restored edition offers two new twists on the original gameplay. First, each agent has a unique ability that lets them move an agent or the briefcase for free. Second, an alternate win condition eliminates stalling and potential stalemates. If no one wins within a certain number of turns, Dr. Solomon can end the game immediately, and whoever has paid off the most to him wins the game. However, if you pay off too much to Dr. Solomon early in the game, that can leave you with little control over the other agents, forcing you to strike a tricky balance between immediate and long-term goals.


  • 1 Game Board
  • 6 Agent Figures
  • 4 Player Shields
  • 4 Payoff Boards
  • 1 Dr. Solomon Standee
  • 1 Dr. Solomon Die
  • 1 Briefcase Miniature
  • 120 Gold Sovereigns
  • 20 Burn Tokens
  • 4 Restricted Markers
  • 6 Starting Payoff Tokens