Conquest: First Blood 2-Player Starter

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This Starter Set helps to begin you journey to Conquest! Inside you will find everything you need to start your first campaign!
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Designer Leandros Mavrokefalos
Year 2022
Number of Players 2 Players
Time 60–90 Min
Ages 12+
Mechanics Action Queue Deck, Bag, and Pool Building Dice Rolling Point to Point Movement
Theme Fantasy Miniatures Print & Play Wargame
Game Video

2 Player Value Starter Set for First Blood - Complete Starter Army sets for Old Dominion and W’adrhŭn , including Command Sprues and plastic Miniatures, 2 First Blood 2.0 Rule Books, ALL necessary stands and bases, and path of Conquest tutorial designed for First Blood.


Grab a friend and dive into the world of Conquest: This special 2 player starter set is themed for our fast paced narrative game, First Blood. Like all Conquest miniatures, these may be used to play either First Blood or our mass fantasy battle game The Last Argument of Kings. One miniatures, one world of Ea, two game styles to play! The Old Dominion is our newest, 6th faction, to be released for the Conquest series. Your starter army contains the Kheres, Moroi, Praetorians and Legionairres infantry set with the Xhillarch character. The W’adrhŭn starter army comes ready to play with Blooded, Braves, Hunters, and Slingers infantry sets with the Predator character. This includes 2 deluxe paperback copies of the new 2.0 First Blood rule sets (in English) , Living World Information Cards and a path of Conquest guide that helps players understand how to next advance their game play!